Blue Vervain
Blue Vervain
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Blue Vervain

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Health benefits of Vervain

Since ancient times herbalists used this herb to ease childbirth, increase the flow of breast milk, jaundice, dropsy, gout, worms, stomach complaints, wound healing, ulcers and piles. Have a look at some of the top benefits of vervain in detail here.

•Beneficial For Skin 
Natural astringent and anti-inflammatory properties of this herb supports it to be used as a natural remedy for numerous skin infections. Research also suggests that this herb is beneficial in safeguarding wounds from infections. It also helps to get rid of the toxins inflicted from insect bites.

• Nervous System
Various soothing properties of vervain can effectively treat the number of ailments; comprise nervous disorders, chronic anxiety, stress, & sleeplessness. Sometimes, our body’s release & management of hormones are smaller than optimal, & over time, this can cause important health problems & wear on your body. A cup of vervain tea can calm our nerves & re-balance hormone levels, assuring that our body can rest.

•Healthy Gut
Vervain herb consumed especially in form of tea is very useful in easing the digestive disorders, thus keeping a healthy gut. It eases several problems that affect the stomach that includes cramps, bloating and flatulence. This is a natural herb for curing diarrhea and vomiting and also boosts nutrient absorption.

•Good For Women’s Health
Packed with intense mood improving properties, this herb helps in easing the anxiety and mood swings experienced by women during the premenstrual period. Vervain is also used to induce menstrual cycle in women whose periods has been delayed.

How to prepare  Blue Vervain Tea :

1. Bring to boil a small tea pot of Spring Water or Alkaline Water.

2. Add two teaspoon of of Blue Vervain to pot and boil for ten to twelve minutes on low flame.

3. Strain Tea 

4.Pour into  tea cup and Enjoy :) 


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